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A cultivator is an essential tool for agriculture and gardening enthusiasts. You'll find a wide range of cultivator machines designed to streamline your cultivation processes. Whether you're a professional farmer or a home gardener, our selection of cultivators caters to your needs. Explore a variety of brands, including KisanKraft, Xtra Power, Kishan King and more. Prices start as low as Rs. 35,800, making it accessible to all. You can also opt for premium models with prices reaching up to Rs. 1,88,000. Find the perfect cultivator for your needs here.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cultivator

A hand cultivator is an agriculture machine designed to loosen and prepare the soil for sowing seeds. It can also be used to remove unwanted plants from crops. It aerates the soil and prepares a smooth seedbed. Cultivator machines are one of the best farm equipment, simplifying the job and eliminating the excess time and labour required.

It is also known as an agriculture cultivator, a farming machine that makes the soil loose and pulverized to ensure a smooth and effective cultivation process. This agro machine is self-propelled and is thus extremely convenient to use. This machine is used to level the topsoil and till it to ensure that the soil is ready for planting the seeds. It has a similar function as that of a power tiller. Don't forget to purchase quality water pump sets which will help you keep your irrigation system in check. 

What is a Cultivator used for?

A garden cultivator is a superior choice of an agro machine capable of grinding the soil into a fine texture and thus makes it effective for the final bed preparation before sowing the seeds. Many farmers use a cultivator to simplify their job. Some applications of a cultivator are:

a. Improving Soil Structure- the top layer of soil tends to compact when it comes in contact with frequent rainfall or any other harsh condition. The land cultivator loosens the soil and ensures that the air and water can penetrate the soil easily. 

b. Pulling Weeds- a cultivator can also be understood as a power weeder that effectively removes the weeds from the soil. A cultivator uproots the weeds and separates them from the main crop.

c. Segregating Rows- a cultivator plugs the soil in even rows. An appropriate cultivator attachment can be selected to create a shallow soil trench and sow the seeds.

d. Mixing Fertilizers- a cultivator is used to stir the compost and fertilisers into the soil. It rotates and mixes the soil, ensuring the fertilisers are spread evenly.

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What are the advantages of a Cultivator?

An agriculture cultivator is an effective tool designed for secondary tilling of the soil. It is an excellent tool for maintaining the health of the soil. Using a cultivator ensures better yield and productivity. Some advantages of using a cultivator are: 1. Better Efficiency - a cultivator works with better efficiency than a rotary tiller. It mixes the top layer of soil precisely and is thus used in the final process before sowing seeds.

a. Light-weighted- a power tiller machine is bigger and is thus harder to manipulate; a cultivator, on the contrary, is easy to tackle and can be used conveniently without any excess effort.

b. The healthy crop yield- using a cultivator during the initial stages of farming results in better growth and increased plant resilience during drought. 

c. Cost-effective- a power cultivator can function in electricity and hence is an energy-effective solution for the power tillers. It requires less maintenance cost and thus is light on the user's pockets.

What are the different types of Cultivators?

These are the best cultivator machine used to create an ideal crop seedbed. It can be classified into 5 broad categories, which are mentioned below:

a. Disc Harrows- these feature many discs mounted together and fixed to a robust frame. This cultivator is mostly used for rocky ground and rough terrain.

b. Chain Harrows- this agriculture cultivator is used as a finishing tool. It combines a pattern of chains which breaks down the larger parts of soil. 

c. Power Harrows- it is fixed with bladed rotors which spin vertically in order to dig up the soil. These are comparatively slow in their functioning as compared to other land cultivators

d. Spring Tine Cultivators - It is one of the most simple and effective ways to cultivate the seedbed. It is an effective tool in row crop cultivation and is thus a preferred choice for consumers.

e. Rigid Tine Cultivators- also known as a chisel plough, this is one of the best garden hand tools. This hand cultivator machine is majorly used for deeper tilling and thus can be used as a convenient placement for the plows.

However, there are also electric cultivators, which you can purchase as per convenience. 

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