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Home Electrical Cables and Wire Flame Retardant (FR) House Wires

Flame Retardant (Fr) House Wires

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Discover unbeatable safety with our home electrical wiring, ranging from just Rs 159 to Rs 4000. We offer top-notch selections from trusted brands like Havells, Anchor, and Polycab. These house wirings are available in vibrant colors including red, yellow, green, and blue, these wires blend safety with style seamlessly. Don't compromise on quality—upgrade to that prioritize safety without breaking the bank. Choose from our wide range and enjoy peace of mind at every price point.

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Buy Flame Retardant House Wire Online

Wiring can sometimes be stressful as there are a lot of significant parameters to keep in mind; for example, it should be fire-resistant or avoid short circuits. It is also known as home electrical wiring for easy understanding. Sellers who buy the products in bulk need to know the types of flame retardant wire and pointers to keep in mind to make the right purchase. At industrybuying, purchasing quality assured battery cables, polycab wire, or electrical Cable becomes easy. 

Why Are Copper Wires The Best Option?

People are buying copper wire because its fire-resistant feature has a great tensile strength and is extremely resistant to high temperatures. Coaxial cables are also available, the second most top-selling products in the market. This type of wire is generally used for house wiring as there are fewer chances of short circuits if good-quality copper is used.   

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Flame Retardant House Wire?

Knowing about the best wiring for house will help you to understand the product to make a better decision for purchase:

1. Low toxin and halogen-free flame retardant cable:

You must know that it has good electrical and physical properties and does not contain halogen. It is known as the best house wiring. The retardant cables are insulated and sheath that does not contain heavy metals, for example, lead & calcium, which are harmful to the body. It solves the secondary pollution problem as it is best for air and personal safety. However, with this feature, you can use it with confidence. 

2. High flame retardancy and high light transmittance of flame retardant cable:

The environmental protection cable wire is made of flame-retardant material. This c has good mechanical performance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, high switching performance and thermal stability. With small volume, lightweight and large service life, it is widely used in the power field of distribution panels, instrumentation systems and other fields.

3. The flame retardant cable does not produce corrosive gas and is easy to install and operate:

The new flame retardant cables use a special coating material that does not pollute the environment and emits little or no acid gas during its production and use. It does not produce toxic and harmful gas when burning and is more environmentally friendly and reliable. Moreover, it is more convenient because the process of use, installation, and operation are simpler and faster. You can check the havells wire price list to buy affordable products for your home.

What are the types of retardant wires available? 

Different house wiring cables are available to fulfill the requirements, such as communication wire, co-axial cables, and flame industrial wires. Read about the best wire house wiring products mentioned below: 

a. Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red

The Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red is suitable for various electrical and communication applications. It is made from flame retardant (FR) PVC insulating material and copper conductor, providing excellent energy transfer and long working life. With its high aesthetic appeal, vapour-tight & dry condition and ease of installation, this house wiring cable is highly durable. It can be used indoors and outdoors per the customer's requirement. 

b. Havells Life Line Plus 2.5 Single Core HRFR PVC Insulated Flexible Cable 

Havells Life Line Plus 2.5 Single Core HRFR PVC Insulated Flexible Cable is manufactured using premium grade material and technology in compliance with international standards. It is used as a part of an electric circuit. It is an essential tool to carry electricity to electrical appliances or equipment such as lights, fans, motors and heaters.

c. Finolex 2.5 90 m Red Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables-10305

Finolex 2.5 90 m Red Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cable is manufactured from the finest quality material, giving excellent moisture, oil and abrasion resistance. The Cable has good flexibility and strength at operating temperatures, preferably in dry conditions. Finolex 2.5 90 m Red Flame Retardant (FR) PVC Insulated Industrial Cables is suitable for use in industrial areas, processes involving potential ignition sources such as producing steam or sparks, including metallurgical processes, foundry practices, welding operations etc. 

Why Choose Industrybuying?

Industrybuying is a leading e-commerce company for B2B consumers. Here you can purchase wholesale products and huge discounts and offers. Industrybuying is the perfect platform to buy flame retardant cables or communication wires. Industrybuying also offers payment through BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) wallet, so you can instantly check out the best house wiring products available. 

Top selling retardant wire products of Industrybuying 

S. No

Product Name

Expected Price


Kalinga Gold 1 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red

Rs. 528

2   Kalinga Gold 1 sq. mm FR PVC Housing Wire Black 90 m

 Rs. 568


Kalinga Gold 1.5 sq. mm FR PVC Housing Wire Black 90 m

 Rs. 838


Kalinga Gold 1.5 sq. mm FR PVC Housing Wire Red 90 m

Rs. 618


Kalinga Gold 2.5 sq. mm FR PVC Housing Wire Black 90 m

Rs. 1,380
6 Kalinga Gold 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red

Rs. 1,290


Kalinga Gold 2.5 sq. mm FR PVC Housing Wire Red 90 m

 Rs. 1.380


Kalinga Gold 1 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Yellow

 Rs. 649

Kalinga Gold 1.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red 

Rs. 677


Microtek Pearl EM 4130 Plus 130-300V AC Voltage Stabilizer for Upto 1.5 Ton AC

Rs. 3,690

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Flame Retardent House Wiring

1. What Are The Different Types Of Retardant House Wiring?

The different types of flame retardant house wire are: ➯ R PVC Insulated Cable (145) ➯ HR PVC Insulated Cable (72) ➯ PVC Insulated Cable (72) ➯ PVC Insulated Electrical House Wires (60) ➯ FR PVC Housing Wire (58)

2. What material is used in house electrical wiring?

The materials used in making these house wiring are copper conductor and FR PVC. The wires are the best option for house wiring.

3. What is the best wire for house wiring?

Kalinga Plus 2.5 (Length 90 m) FR PVC Insulated Cable Red is the best house wire up to date. It features durability and great length to use for long-term purposes.
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