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Temperature & Humidity Transmitter

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What is a Temperature & Humidity Transmitter?

It is a device that measures and transmits the temperature and humidity levels in a particular environment. A transmitter equipped with a reliable temp humidity meter is an essential tool for accurately monitoring the environment in industries and laboratories. Temperature & Humidity Transmitters offer real-time monitoring and data transmission, enabling easy integration with existing control systems, improving energy efficiency, and reducing costs. The temperature transmitter enhances indoor air quality, and occupant comfort, and prevent equipment failure, making them an essential component for businesses seeking to optimize their operations.

How does a Temperature & Humidity Transmitter work?

1. The temperature sensor works by both temperature and humidity levels in a given environment. The sensor measures the ambient temperature, while the hygro meter measures the relative humidity.

2. These sensors send the data to the transmitter, which processes and converts it into a signal that can be read by a control system or digital thermometer. A temperature and humidity transmitter with a built-in temperature and humidity gauge can provide accurate measurements in various environments.

3. This device is designed to provide accurate measurements of temperature and humidity levels in real-time, making it a vital tool in various industries. It comes in different types, including digital temperature and metres, thermo hygrometers, and room temperature and metres.

4. To ensure the accuracy of the readings, it is essential to calibrate it regularly. Additionally, other tools such as infrared thermometers can be used alongside the transmitter for more accurate measurements.

In summary, it works by using temperature and humidity sensors to provide real-time measurements that are essential for controlling the environment in various industries.

Where can a Temperature & Humidity Transmitter be used? 

Here are some common applications where Temperature & Humidity Transmitters are used:

Data centres: 

They are used to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels to prevent damage to sensitive equipment and ensure efficient operation.

Manufacturing facilities: 

They are used to monitor and control the temperature and humidity levels during manufacturing processes to ensure product quality and safety.


They are used to maintain stable environmental conditions in laboratories to prevent contamination and ensure accurate test results.

Other applications include museums, greenhouses, and warehouses.

To have confirm measurements, it is essential to calibrate it regularly using tools such as Digital Thermo Hygro Meter

When should a Temperature & Humidity Transmitter be installed?

It should be installed in situations where precise temperature and humidity control is necessary. Here are some situations where it should be installed:

New construction: 

It should be installed during the construction of a new building to ensure that the HVAC system is working correctly and that the indoor environment is comfortable and healthy.


It should be installed during remodeling to ensure that the HVAC system is still functioning correctly after changes have been made to the building's layout.

Sensitive equipment rooms: 

It should be installed in rooms where sensitive equipment is stored or used to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are within the acceptable range to prevent damage to the equipment.

Storage rooms: 

It should be installed in storage rooms where temperature and humidity control is essential, such as food storage rooms, wine cellars, and museums.

It is essential to calibrate it regularly to ensure accurate measurements. Tools such as digital contact-type thermometers and glass thermometers can be used for calibration purposes.

What are the different types of Temperature & Humidity Transmitter?

They are used to measure and transmit temperature and humidity data for various applications. Here are some different types of Temperature & Humidity Transmitters:

Wall-mount Transmitter:

 This type of transmitter is designed to be mounted on a wall and is commonly used in HVAC systems to control temperature and humidity levels in a building.

Duct-mount Transmitter:

This type of transmitter is designed to be installed in an air duct and is commonly used in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

Portable Transmitter: 

This type of transmitter is a handheld device that can measure temperature and humidity levels in various locations.

Digital Transmitter: 

This type of transmitter uses digital technology to provide accurate and reliable temperature and humidity readings.

It can be calibrated using tools such as calibrators to ensure accurate measurements.

What are the advantages of using a Temperature & Humidity Transmitter?

It can offer several advantages for various industries and applications. Here are some benefits:

Accurate measurement: 

It offers precise readings, ensuring that the data collected is reliable and consistent.

Easy installation:

Most transmitters are simple to install and use, making them accessible to a wide range of users.


These devices can be used in various settings, including laboratories, greenhouses, and warehouses.

Real-time monitoring: 

It is possible to monitor and control environmental conditions in real-time, minimizing errors and risks.


Using a transmitter can help save on energy costs, reducing waste and improving efficiency.


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Product Name

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 HTC HD-303 Humidity Temperature Meter 0 to 100%RH

 RS 1,580


 "Ji" Japsin Instrumentation Wall Mounted Temperature Measurement Monitor JI-MIN-MAX

RS 1,980 



 RS 2,280

4  Siemens QFA3171 Humidity Sensor

 RS 28,800


 Kinglab KLCTM-201 Conductivity and TDS Meter Conductivity and TDS Meter

 RS 31,800


 ABB TTH200 Head Mounted Temperature Transmitter

 RS 19,800


 G-Tech HT 305 0% -100% RH Temperature & Humidity

 RS 4,580


 Hioki Temperature Sensor Z2001 for Hioki RM3544

 RS 7,980

Temperature & Humidity Transmitter - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the difference between a temperature sensor and a transmitter?

A sensor is a device that measures temperature, while a transmitter converts the signal from the sensor into a standard output signal, such as 4-20mA. A transmitter is an advanced device that can accurately measure the temperature and humidity levels of an environment, and display them on a temperature metre. This allows the temperature to be easily monitored and recorded by other devices.

2. Can a humidity temperature metre also measure temperature?

Yes, some metres, such as hygrometers, can also measure temperature. These devices are specifically used in applications where both temperature and humidity need to be monitored, such as in greenhouses or data centres.

3. Where is Temperature & Humidity Transmitter commonly used?

They are commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as: Firstly, HVAC systems for monitoring and controlling indoor air quality, Secondly, Laboratories and manufacturing plants for ensuring optimal conditions for testing and production processes, Thirdly, Greenhouses and agriculture for monitoring plant growth and preventing disease and Fourth, Data centres and server rooms for maintaining optimal operating conditions for equipment.
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