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Garden shears & secateurs are specially designed; lightweight scissors that are used for trimming plants and hedges, cutting large branches, or making other small cuts. These gardening tools are available in a variety but there is no standard design for all shears. The most frequently used designs have blades that are formed into sections that move with the handles so you can apply more pressure and cut through heavier materials.

Gardeners know that secateurs & shears are the most versatile tool in their shed. Secateurs are used for everything from pruning, to cutting through tree branches, right down to snipping back shoots and stems on flowers and herbs in the garden. At the time of placing an order, there’s a range of options available and things can get a little confusing. This guide may help you in understanding what type of secateurs and shears are best suited to your needs.


What are The Types of Shears & Secateurs?

There are types of shears & secateurs used in the gardening process such as 


Khurpi with Plastic Grip

The Khurpi with Plastic Grip FPKM-200 is a Spanco blade with a high carbon steel Body. The handle is made of a plastic grip that is easy to hold during operation. It's also very durable and easy to use, making it ideal for agriculture work.


Grafting Tool

To create a bonsai area in your garden this premium grafting tool is specially designed for slot and wedge grafting. This garden tool is made of carbon steel and has a length of 205 mm.


Cordless 16 cm Grass Shear

The long, narrow stainless steel blades on this grass shear make it extremely easy to cut at any angle you want. Adjust the depth setting to control how much of the blade is exposed and how thick your cuts will be. The ergonomic handle and lock-on button make it easy to cut while standing or sitting.


Hand Weeder

The Premium Hand Weeder by GardenMate is a hand-powered mechanical tool that easily removes even the most stubborn weeds and groundcover. Its sharp cutting blades, which slide over the soil, cut weeds and roots with ease.


Wooden Grip Sickles

This Wooden grip Sickle is with high-quality material and has long-lasting durability. Its special design helps to make your work easier and more efficient, which can be used for agricultural activities.


Fruit Cutter 

This Fruit Cutter is a great way to enjoy the freshest fruit at all times. The cutter has a transparent plastic body and stainless-steel sharp blades that can help you slice fruits of all shapes and sizes.


Hold Secateur

The use of hold secateurs to hold your flowers in place. The non-slip grip and easy rotating head make it ideal for working with both living plants and dried flowers.


What are the safety measures of Shears & Secateurs?

Wear Gloves When Working Outside

Wear the proper gloves when working outside, and protect your hands from thorns and poison ivy, as well as snake, rodent and insect bites. Leather gloves also offer sun protection and prevent fingernail damage.


Avoid Prolonged Repetitive Motions

Prolonged repetitive motions, such as digging, raking and planting bulbs, can cause skin and nerve irritation. Make sure your gardening activities are varied, with tasks rotated every fifteen minutes so that the same muscles are not used over and over again.


Watch for Buried Objects

Watch for buried objects when digging in the garden. If possible, remove objects from the work area before proceeding with the task so you do not damage yourself or your tools. Use a hand shovel rather than your hands to dig into the ground.


Use the Right Tools

Using the right tool means making sure it is sized right for you. If you have small hands, it will be important to look at the handle’s size and shape to make sure that your grip is comfortable and offers a better hold than other tools. We are happy to help you find the tools that fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us!


Use Proper Ergonomic Posture

Your wrist is not only a key component of your hand, it's also where many injuries occur. Whether you're working on a job site or in your home workshop, using good posture and maintaining a neutral position (the angle of your wrist when relaxed) will help avoid discomfort and injury.


Brands available at Industrybuying

FALCON, Flora, Felco, FarmsTool, KISANKRAFT, Sharpex, Sunya and many more comes under the list of trusted brands. All the brands sell quality and reliable products at affordable prices.


The Products and Price List to Compare

If you are looking for the best pruning shears, then go through the pricing list for a better understanding:


S. No


Market Price

Industrybuying Price


Falcon Slot Cut Premium Grafting Tool FPGT-2002

Rs. 1000 

 Rs. 873


Ketsy Trowel 596.0

 Rs. 250



Falcon Without Handle Premium Garden Hoe FGH-2

 Rs 350

 Rs. 232


Falcon Small With Handle Premium Khurpa SPK-1100

 Rs. 250

 Rs. 114


Falcon Grass Sword SGS-2008

 Rs. 450





1. How do you handle pruning shears?

Hold the handle tightly yet comfortably and hold the branches all the way in between the blades. Paying attention to this small technique will also protect the pruner blades. 


2. How do you store secateurs?

Shelves below a bench are perfect for storing smaller tools such as your secateurs or hand trowel, whilst crates, positioned underneath, can be used to keep bags of compost from spilling. Meanwhile, fixing larger tools above the bench will mean that everything's in one place.


3. Why is it important to maintain your tools and equipment?

If your equipment is well maintained, it's less likely to break down, which leads to increased uptime, speed of working hours, fewer repair costs, and therefore increased profit


4. What are shears used for?

Shears and Secateurs, any of numerous large or large-bladed scissors, are usually designed for cutting specific materials.

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