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A rapidly growing research field, Green technology is a substantial initiative. Solar Accessories absorb solar energy directly from the sun to produce electricity for everyday usage. Solar energy, photovoltaics, efficiently yielding machinery, vehicles that operate on renewable energy, solar architecture, solar accessories, and biotechnology are the realms that contemporary science is noticing today to limit dependency on fossil fuels and conserve ecology.




Solar Accessories simply function on solar energy, making it a completely environment-friendly property. Solar energy is abundantly present on our planet, making it easily accessible to restore it for better usage in progressive technology that humans developed. Furthermore, solar energy can be utilised in our customary usage of appliances, that too with the slightest issues. Being a considerably clean and efficient form of energy is one of the reasons for its raging demand, gradually shifting the world towards green energy use.  Varied solar accessories might cost that heavy one-time installation charge, but it vastly reduces the bill year after year. There are multiple available developments in the market with numerous benefits.


1. Using photovoltaics is frequently incorporated into solar architecture assembled with Solar Panels.

2. Facilitating the new green lifestyle, solar vehicles are exceptionally popular nowadays as they conduct their own solar energy power generation. 

3. Solar Panels are easily available in the market these days. You can get it at wholesale prices from from




The considerably crucial solar panel accessories constitute MC4 connectors, extension cables, monitoring systems, AC/DC disconnects, and rack mounts. Supplementary equipment and tools may be required based on your arrangement. Every system requires distinct products based on the model of its system. 



Solar panels, photovoltaic modules, and PV modules come in several sizes and watt ratings. The size of a solar panel is generally defined by its watt rating relative to its physical dimensions. The type of solar panel, rigid or flexible, decides on the category of racking mount required. Flexible panels are lighter and more suitable for curved roofing, whereas rigid panels have more power making them durable.  





Batteries are used to stock the energy used by solar panels so that the preserved energy can be used for power backup and emergencies. Surplus power generated by the solar power system is sent to the grid-leading grid-tied homes with merely any need for batteries. In contrast, off-grid and hybrid systems require a battery or a series of batteries for additional power. 


The four major categories of solar batteries are

1. Lithium 

2. AGM  

3. Gel


Each of the above-stated batteries has different capacities, life cycles, and depth of discharge.





Sun energy is converted into DC current by solar panels which are then converted into AC power by an inverter. The size of the inverter must be at least equivalent to the total wattage used by all devices operating on solar. Despite multiple inverters present in the market, the most popular ones are string inverters and micro-inverters. 


  • String Inverters - Connected to solar panels by strings inside the inverter. 
  • Micro-Inverters are set at the rear of each panel. 




Solar wires, cables, and connectors fuse various components to transmit energy from the solar panel to the charge controller, battery, and inverter. A new setup is required based on the type of cables and wiring used. The general ones are:


1. DC loading cord

2. Branch connectors

3. Crimp connectors

4. Charge controller to inverter cable

5. Battery to inverter line

6. Solar panel to charge controller cord




Managing the energy cycle to and from the batteries, and preventing overcharging, overheating, and overloading, the charge controller acts as a current regulator. Two types of controllers are



2. PWM





Any changes in production output or probable problems are warned by the solar panel monitor displaying information like discharge profundity, energy left, and recharge notices.




These are used to install solar power systems using different equipment and parts like wiring clips, brackets, rails, caps, etc. 





Providing additional controls for a PV module, a BOS contains several segment loaders, circuit breakers, fuses, combiner boxes, junction boxes, and AC/DC disconnects.  The solar power kit essentially defines your BOS needs. 




These switches enable turning off the inverter's power manually. One needs to check the manual and make sure if it has a built-in power panel or if you have to buy them individually. 



 This electrical compartment enables solar panels to be installed in parallel, connecting wires to the controller.


 Top Selling Solar Accessories on


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1 Luminous Tall Tubular XL Single Trolley Rs. 1,400 Rs. 1,343
2 Solar India MC4 Solar Crimping Tool Rs. 6,368 Rs. 6,254
3 Solar Universe India ACDB for Solar Plant Upto 10kW - Three Phase - Distribution Box Rs. 6,000 Rs. 5,841
4 Generic MC-4 4 In 1out Solar Connector Mc441 Rs. 810 Rs. 798
5 Luminous 1KW Solar Power Packs Solar Accessories Rs. 10,900 Rs. 84,800
6 SSI 10Sq. mm Solar DC Tinned Plated Cable 10100 Rs. 19,800 Rs. 19,175
7 Cygni DC Solar Water Pump with MPPT Controller 3 HP ( Surface Water Pump) Rs. 59,500 Rs. 58,968





  • Is it safe to buy Solar Accessories online?


Yes, it is completely safe when bought from a reliable site. But to secure maximum protection you must cross-check the details provided. 


  • What are the advantages of Solar Accessories?


The quality of the commodity is indeed based on the excellence of the elements employed for its formation.


  • Where to shop Solar Accessories in India? is your one-stop shop to purchase reliable solar accessories for the best guaranteed price. 


  • What are some different types of Solar Accessories Available online?


We have made a list of all sorts of solar accessories present online with their prices for your convenience.

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